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Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Riccon Strategic Communications leverages experience in government, campaign, crisis, corporate, and advocacy communications to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We have extensive experience developing strategic communications campaigns; providing communications counsel to executives, candidates, and organizations; writing and editing best-in-class content; generating media opportunities; and providing a buffer between you and your adversaries. 

We are experts in helping our clients find their voices, honing their unique stories, and identifying places to share them. We've prepped political candidates for debates and gotten them ready to answer the toughest questions. We've been spokespeople and done the tough interviews ourselves. We've written materials that have appeared in nearly every major national outlet. We've helped organizations clarify and put into words exactly what they stand for.

We work hard to earn your trust and strive every day to keep it. We're ready to partner with you.

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Media Relations

We've crafted media strategy and provided media relations for members of Congress, political candidates, companies, organizations, executives, individuals, countries, professional services firms, and everything in between. We're just as good picking up the phone to pitch as we are answering it.

Campaigns and elections

We've lived the long hours of the 24/7 campaign cycle. We've written speeches, distilled complex policy papers into digestible terms, and beaten back reputational attacks. We've written fundraising emails and staffed editorial board meetings. Campaigns may not be for everybody, but they are for us.

Public Affairs

We've walked the halls of Congress and been in the war rooms. We've been in the thick of some of the biggest policy debates of the last decade, including health care, energy, financial services, and consumer issues. We know how to influence perceptions on Capitol Hill and within the federal bureaucracy.

advocacy and stakeholder engagement

When your goals involve action by a legislature, officeholder, or other governing body, we know how to generate influence and change minds. We understand the interplay between media, public opinion, and action, and leverage it for our clients' success.

Crisis Communications and reputational risk

The best crisis counselors will tell you that the most effective crisis communications support happens well before you need it. Most people don't have that luxury. When something breaks, organizations benefit from a steady and seasoned hand to fix it. We can help you prepare or help you respond and recover. 

lobbying and law firm support

We work with lobbying and law firms to achieve their clients' goals through the media and other communications tactics. Whether it's the passage or defeat of a piece of legislation, counsel on how an action will be perceived throughout the media ecosystem, or strategically placing targeted content where the right people will see it, we turn intel into action.


Ginger, Blue Comet can’t read the odds board. He don’t know he’s a hundred to one.
— Frank DeFord


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